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Functional Safety


Functional Safety and Safety Standards

With the high number of control units in today's applications, the functional safety of electronic systems is very important. There are guidelines and safety standards for many industries, providing specifications for individual processes and the technical implementation of functional safety.

Functional safety means the prevention of unjustifiable risks that can arise from hazards caused by malfunctions in electrical or electronic systems.

An example of such a standard is ISO 26262 for road vehicles, which was published in November 2011 expanding the generic safety standard IEC 61508 as an industry-specific standard for functional safety.

We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired from a wide range of fields in the implementation of functional safety in processes and technology in compliance with pertinent legislation and standards for the respective industries, including:

  • Automotive (ISO 26262, ISO 6469, ECE guidelines, etc.)
  • Mobile work machines and industrial applications (ISO 25119, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, machine guideline,etc.)
  • Rail vehicles (DIN EN 50128, DIN EN 50129, etc.)
  • Aviation (DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4754a, certification regulations, etc.)

As a service provider in these areas of use, we know the special features of the products from our own developments and we help you to develop them so that they are competitive and meet the respective standard.

We offer you support for the implementation of functional safety in accordance with your individual requirements, completely tailored to your system and your organization.

Our services include:

  • Safety consulting — from concept to series production
  • Safety development — tailored to your requirements
  • Safety evaluation — with expertise in technology and processes

Safety Evaluation

As a developer of safety-technical systems with many years of experience, we know their pain points and can assess your product and give you feedback with regard to the extent to which it achieves functional safety.

Safety Development

Based on our many years of experience in developing safety-relevant products in various domains, we also find the appropriate, best, and most efficient safety solutions for you.

Safety Consulting

With our safety consulting service, we shed light on the sometimes confusing world of directives, standards, and technical requirements for functional safety.

Safety Requirements for Rail Vehicles

With the high number of control units in today's applications, the functional safety of electronic systems is very important.