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Modern ship drive and control systems have to fulfill a number of requirements in the areas of safety, environmental compatibility, reliability, and economy. The use and networking of intelligent control systems is indispensable. A cross-industry technology transfer offers a high potential with regard to efficient solutions specifically for marine applications. Today, developments from the automotive industry in particular offer versatile application options outside of vehicles. Components from the automotive field that have been tried and tested over many years are integrated in a technically highly-developed overall system for ships, boats, and yachts. All of which means that you can rely on our marine systems experience for the entire process: from the first feasibility study, through system and software development, up to parameterization and validation of the application data in the engine control unit. We can also advise and support you in certification of your marine-specific drive unit.


Our drive train systems experts develop powerful and efficient solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

E/E Systems

In complex on-board networks, electrical and electronic systems network and control extensive functions and electrical components in a boat.