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Bosch Engineering offers a wide range of services for off-highway applications.
These include a specially calibrated ABS, adaptation of the engine control system to specific operating conditions or special fuels, as well as using an electric drive in combination with an internal-combustion engine.
On our modern test benches, we can fine-tune the exhaust-gas treatment for each individual engine and ensure compliance with TIER4 final and Euro Stage 4 emissions limits.
We also advise you in matters relating to functional safety in accordance with the standards relevant for off-highway applications, such as IEC61508, ISO13849, and ISO25119.



In the area of powertrain systems, Bosch Engineering develops powerful and efficient solutions for your individual application.


Modern commercial vehicles, work machines, and passenger cars have an increasing number of comfort functions that provide the driver with information for his work or support him in some other way.


Active safety systems in vehicles and work machines are becoming increasingly important.


In complex on-board networks, the electrical and electronic systems network and control the extensive functions and electrical components in a vehicle.